Week 13: Steelers 24, Giants 13

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From Jeremy Fowler, ESPN.com:

Ben Roethlisberger won’t let Steelers fall out of playoff picture

120416_1Nearly four weeks ago, Ben Roethlisberger stood near his locker and delivered two simple words about his leadership plans for the season’s second half: Follow me.

Since then, Roethlisberger has 1,085 yards passing, eight touchdown passes, one interception and three wins, none bigger than Sunday’s over the New York Giants, 24-14.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers faced trouble midway through the third quarter, Roethlisberger delivered the kind of drive that only a handful of humans could orchestrate.

He strong-armed a 33-yard completion through a pocket full of Giants.

He launched a well-timed ball to the sideline to a toe-tapping Antonio Brown.

“Total trust. I trust him, and he trusts and believes in me.” — Ben, on that touchdown pass to Antonio Brown.

He lofted a pass over the head of safety Landon Collins for a 20-yard score to Ladarius Green, who’s clearly become the Steelers’ second receiving option behind Brown.

On a day the Steelers had to have it, Big Ben was at his biggest, answering a Giants touchdown drive and keeping the lead at 14 before letting Le’Veon Bell handle most of the fourth quarter. Roethlisberger was 4-of-4 for 71 yards on that drive.

It was brilliant performance and the difference in the game.

And don’t think he’s not still motivated by playing Eli Manning, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 draft and 10 picks above Roethlisberger — who looked like the better quarterback 12 years later.

The defense was just as bullish, baiting Manning into two interceptions and holding Odell Beckham Jr. to 105 yards, a handful of those in garbage time.

120416_2Whatever Roethlisberger is doing on offense, James Harrison is matching it on defense; two thirtysomethings putting up numbers at the right time. Harrison has five sacks in his past five games and has applied pressure many other times.

On the game-sealing sack of Manning on fourth down midway through the fourth, at least four Steelers were involved in the takedown. Ricardo Mathews got the credit, but many Steelers were around the ball all game. That includes Sean Davis with his first career interception, Mike Mitchell with two third-down pass breakups and Lawrence Timmons’ field-flipping interception from underneath coverage.

“It’s that time of year when we have to be our best selves. Everyone has to do their job.” — Ben.

A team that underachieved for the better part of two months is peaking at the perfect time. That Week 10 loss to Dallas could have crushed the Steelers. Instead, it galvanized them.

With the Baltimore Ravens pounding the Miami Dolphins earlier Sunday, the Steelers couldn’t afford to fall to 6-6 with four weeks left. The AFC North division is the only clear path to the playoffs, and that Steelers-Ravens matchup on Christmas Day sets up nicely for Pittsburgh.

The Steelers’ quarterback likes his chances.

More from Mr. Fowler here.

You can watch Ben’s post-game interview here.

You can check out the video with game highlights here.

2nd photo credit: Matt Freed.

*Ben completed 67 percent of his passes for 298 yards, and he helped the Steelers convert 50 percent on possession downs – 7-of-15 on third downs, and 1-for-1 on fourth down.

“Ben Roethlisberger-Antonio Brown have tied Terry Bradshaw-Lynn Swann (49) for the most QB-WR touchdown connections in #Steelers history.” — Dom Rinelli, Steelers (via Twitter).

And one more look…

this time, by the designer/artist after the game:

David E. Zambrano ‏@dezcustomz
For @_BigBen7 worn today for #mycausemycleats NFL week 13.


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and stronger and stronger!

Nobody will win BIGGER this weekend than this young man!!!

Congratulations Colby Bubb, and God bless you!!

Lil’ Fan Friday

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11 month old Sal Morris is from Swedesboro, New Jersey, but he’s no Giants fan! He was born a Steelers fan and loves listening to “Renegade” with his entire family on Game Day! Plus, he totally ROCKS that #83!!

Coach Tomlin!! I’m right here….put me in Coach! I’m ready to catch a pass from Big Ben and take it to the house!

(Thanks to proud papa, Gary Morris for the photo!)


December 1st, 2016 by

Wanted to share a photo of my cleats for this weekend’s #MyCauseMyCleats initiative to celebrate and bring awareness to The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation.

These cleats, just like my foundation, honor Make A Wish and police & fire agencies nationwide.

I also wanted to honor fallen K-9 Rocco of the Pittsburgh Police Department with his badge, name, and call sign/unit number on the side of the shoe.

Thank you to Dave at dezcustomz.com & Moe at Kreative Custom Kicks (Sneakercustoms.com) for designing them for me! — Ben

Thank you Ben!

December 1st, 2016 by

K9 “Steel” is the newest member of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, thanks to The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation!

“Steel” joins three other police K9s in this Virginia department. He is a Czech Shepherd born on June 5, 2015 in the Czech Republic. He now lives with his handler, Deputy B. Demerci and his family.

This is Deputy Demerci’s first time working a police dog. Steel and Deputy Demerci received their Police K-9 Handler Team Certification after graduating from the Virginia Police K9 Association/Professional Canine Services, Inc. just a couple of weeks ago, on November 18th. Steel is certified in Police Patrol/Utility and K9 Explosives Detection.

Then this happened…

Within a week of graduating from K9 School, Deputy Demerci and K9 Steel were dispatched to a robbery call while out on patrol. After a perimeter was established, this 4-legged rookie was able to track the suspect behind a fence into an enclosed back yard. The suspect was taken in to custody without further incident or injury to anyone. But Steel wasn’t done! He was then able to track the suspected weapon used in the attempted robbery under a blanket in a nearby baby stroller.

Thank you, Ben, for giving this grant to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. The expansion of the K9 unit will certainly assist in the protection of the citizens and the community in which Steel will serve. Organizations such as The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation are priceless. There are no words to express the appreciation felt for the Ben and his foundation for giving us the opportunity to grow within the unit and department. The citizens of Stafford County, as well as the Sheriff’s Office, will certainly benefit from this generous contribution. — The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit (with a special shout out to Lt. Julie Smith of the Fairfax County, VA Sheriff’s Office).

Ben made the choice of a team to root for a lot easier for the Bistany Family.

ltjessebistany_middlesexcountysheriffDear Ben,

My name is Jesse Bistany and I am a Sheriff Lieutenant in the state of New Jersey.

I wanted to take this time to personally tell you that I appreciate everything you do for law enforcement!!! As a 42-year old male who loves football, baseball has always been my favorite sport (Yankees) and I just never had a football team that I strictly rooted for. When I learned of what you have been doing for law enforcement with all your donations to K-9’s and various police equipment, I was taken back a bit – in a good way.

It’s very rare to see very successful sports figures who want to give back like you do. You are a stand-up guy, and I hope this gets out there for the world to see, not for my exposure but for yours! You can even take my name out of this.

My daughter just said to me the other day, “Daddy we need to pick a team to root for.” I told her we will be Steelers fans now, and support a team and a quarterback who supports us!!!

Once again thank you for your support and I say this on behalf of all of Law Enforcement agencies out there. It’s time that you were recognized for the good things you do. Thank you. A Steelers fan for life !!!! — Lt. Jesse Bistany.

Thank you to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, and to Lt. Bistany for taking the time to share your thoughts on Ben’s foundation! God bless and protect you all as you continue to protect us!

Wednesday’s ‘chat’ with the media

November 30th, 2016 by

From Teresa Varley, Steelers.com:

Ben Roethlisberger knows this is the time of year things need to heat up.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh SteelersIt’s the time of year when the temperatures are dropping in Pittsburgh, but on the football field things are heating up for the Steelers.

December football goes into full effect on Sunday at Heinz Field against the New York Giants, a time when everyone has to elevate their game as the hunt for a playoff spot is on.

“It’s when you get hot, now is the time to be at your best,” said Ben Roethlisberger. “The weather gets bad and that is what we love. It’s time to go out and play football and do anything you can to win a football game, whether it’s 50-0 or 2-0. Whatever you have to do to win a football game.”

And what the Steelers will have to do is bring their ‘A’ game against a Giants team that comes in with an 8-3 record, and has rattled off six straight wins. But Roethlisberger feels the Steelers have what it takes to make the stretch run count, starting this week.

“We have a good combination of veteran guys that have been there and done that, with some young guys that are playing good football right now,” said Roethlisberger. “We fought through some injuries and are getting healthy and have that little extra time to get ready to go. We have one of the best football teams in the NFL right now coming to our place. What an awesome challenge for this time of year.”

The Giants bring a no-nonsense defense, but it’s a defense that is menacing.

“They are a very good defense,” said Roethlisberger. “They don’t do a lot. It’s not like they give you a lot of exotic looks and do a lot craziness. They just line up and beat you. They beat you with a pass rush that gets home and forces you to throw it quick. Their coverage is so good they find ways to create turnovers or break the ball up. This is going to be a big challenged for us.

“This is similar to the Cowboys. You have a small menu of things and you do them well. There isn’t anything wrong with that. We do that on offense some times. You have to be able to adjust to whatever they throw at us or whatever we need to throw at them.”

More from Ben:

113016_340On his link to Giants quarterback Eli Manning:

“Obviously the same draft, the same year. We’ve played this game for a long time. Other than that, a mutual respect. I respect him, his game and what he’s brought to the game of football. I think it’s just a big-time respect for the game of football and what he’s accomplished.”

On if he thinks Manning, Philip Rivers and himself will make the Hall of Fame:

“I hope I am. I would assume that he (Manning) is going to make it with everything he’s accomplished. And Philip’s put up some tremendous numbers in this game. We’ve all be fortunate to play for a long time and been able to do a lot of great things. So that would be an awesome honor. But hopefully, that’s a long way off.”

On the Giants possibly drafting him in 2004:

“It’s a long time ago. But there were—as there are now—there’s always lots of speculation during draft day of what could happen, what everyone’s thinking and you never really know what’s true and what’s not. So obviously, that was one of the things that we possibly thought could happen. But I wouldn’t change what happened for anything in the world.”

On what he thinks it would’ve been like in New York:

“Honestly, and no disrespect to them, the city or the team, I don’t really care. I’m just so happy I ended up where I did. To be a part of this great organization with the Rooney family, with the amazing teammates I’ve had, fans and this city—which is home for me and my family. So I’m truly blessed to be here.”

On if there’s hope the offense can get back to where it was during the first five games of the season with guys getting healthy:

“That’s always our goal, offense at least, to be the best we can be, 30 points a game, efficient on third downs, red zones, first downs and everything. So that extra kind of weekend off was really helpful for me, I know in particular, and everyone else. It kind of gets us hungry and chomping at the bit to get back out there. But we need to just keep finding ways to win football games however we have to.”

On what nuances of the game Bell picks up that makes him so available:

“I think he’s just the complete back. Whether it’s picking the blitz, because there’s never a fear in my mind when they blitz that he’s not going to get his guy. I think there are probably a lot of quarterbacks in this league that when their running back is blocking, they’re probably a little nervous and peaking over their shoulder. I never have that fear. And I know in the pass game that he’s going to get open, he’s going to make catches and make plays. And then, we all know what he can do in the run game. So he’s just a special back. To me he’s the best all-around in the game.”

You can read more from Ben’s interview & watch the video here.

The Ben Roethlisberger Show

November 29th, 2016 by

From Ben’s radio show this morning on 93.7 The Fan:

cyfdqhpuqaaihfdThe team is coming off a 28-7 Thanksgiving Day victory over the Indianapolis Colts, which brought another Antonio Brown celebration penalty.

Ben was asked about Brown’s latest antics and if anyone on the team has talked to him about it.

“Yeah, we did,” Ben said. “He knows, we all know, Coach Tomlin brought it up yesterday, that is a huge penalty that we can’t do. We put our kick coverage team in a bad situation and we can’t have it, and AB knows that.”

Ben also thinks that the league pays special attention to Brown now because of his reputation and are more likely to flag him when they’re playing on a bigger stage.

“I know for a fact that he’s scored touchdowns in one o’clock games that aren’t the big prime time games and they haven’t flagged him,” he said.

Moving on past the Colts victory, Ben talked about the three days off the team had and what it’s like having that luxury.

“It’s nice to have that family time to almost have a mini-second bye,” Ben said. “It makes you feel rested, it makes you get more healed up for this stretch run that is when you have to play your best football. I really think it will benefit us.”

The win over the Colts marks the second straight victory for the Steelers after a four-game losing streak. However, there are some that still aren’t sold on the Steelers because of their opponents in those games – the Colts and Browns. Ben discussed the detractors and what he would say to anyone levying this criticism against the team.

“I would say this, I would say they were both on the road, which any time you can win a game on the road is huge and I would say remember back a couple of weeks when we’d go on the road and we’d lose a game to a team that we were supposed to win and everyone is up in arms and no one can sleep at night because we lost a game we were supposed to win. Well, we won the games we were supposed to win, so they should feel good about that,” he said.

You can listen to Ben’s show here.

The holiday season is here

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…and we’re giving away 1 Black & Gold Cooler gift pack to the 28th emailer (that’s how many days are left ’til Christmas morning)!

UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER!! Congratulations to Doug Foster of Kansas! He was our 28th emailer. Thank you to everyone who emailed to enter!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that Steelers fan in the family who also loves Pittsburgh Dad (and really, who doesn’t love Pittsburgh Dad?), then this gift set is IT:

The Black & Gold Cooler consists of:
3 Big Ben Sauces
3 Pittsburgh Dad Sauces
Mild BBQ Sauce (18oz)
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Commemorative Edition Habenera Sauce (5oz)
Cayenne Hot Sauce (6oz)
– All neatly packaged in a Black & Gold “It’s a Burgh Thing” insulated cooler which can hold a 12 pack of your beverage of choice!

*Ben’s portion of the proceeds will benefit The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation and a portion of Pittsburgh Dad’s will benefit Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh.

Just send your email to bigben7website@gmail.com (one entry per email address). A winner will be notified and posted here this evening.

Need help with your holiday gift list?

A gift box or just one bottle of Big Ben’s Wing Sauce or Hot Sauce makes the perfect gift for family, neighbors, co-workers and those hardworking people that deliver your mail, babysit your children, cut your hair, mow your lawn, wash your dog, etc…

You can check out their full line of products & place your order for the holiday here.

“Thank you Ben!”

November 26th, 2016 by

On this Thanksgiving Holiday, we have two fan stories to share with Steeler Nation:


My wife Teri, my son Chad, and I met Ben while we were shopping at the Apple Store at Ross Park Mall. When Chad saw him in the store he was so excited that he wanted to go up to him and say, “Hi!”. He has been a BIG fan of Ben since he started playing with the Steelers. Ben was so gracious, and took time to not only say “Hi”, but to pose for a picture with Chad.

Thank you to Ben! He didn’t just make Chad’s day – he made his year! He was telling everyone that he saw all day today that he met “#7 Big Ben”! You just never know who your going to meet when your out and about in the Pittsburgh area.” — Bob Lewandowski.


I came in from Dallas/Norman, OK for the OU vs West VA game and then on to Cleveland to watch the Steelers vs Browns game last Sunday.

My buddy Mark – a local and a ‘burgh lifer – and I went to Hyde Park Steakhouse Friday night. We were seated in one of just a couple of tables in the back portion of the restaurant. Well, half-way thru our meal, Ben and his wife and some friends came in and sat at the table right next to us.

We chatted him up briefly about Norman, and his sister’s participation in basketball and volleyball there. He was extremely nice and gracious.

Later in the evening, I asked for a picture and he could not have been nicer. I never like to be that guy, but given I don’t get to the ‘burgh that often, I had to ask for the picture. Ben could not have been nicer and was happy to pose with me. We wished him well and told him we would see him Sunday in Cleveland. Thank you Ben!! — Matthew P. Sallusti.

Wishing everyone a very safe & Happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!!

Lil’ Fan Friday – Thanksgiving Weekend Edition!

November 25th, 2016 by

That’s right! We have another Big Ben turkey contestant!

This one was made by 6-year old Kayla Hawley:


“My first grade daughter’s project was to disguise a turkey to keep it from becoming someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. Kayla has been a Big Ben fan from the beginning! One thing to know about Kayla is that she loves everything ‘girl’. She’s a princess-loving ballerina for sure. But when it came time for this project she chose Big Ben all on her own! Kayla sports Ben’s jersey on game days and cheers for him above everyone else. If he’s ever not playing she is heartbroken. This girl is a true fan!” — Michelle Babusci.

We think that’s just good parenting showing through! Well done, Kayla (and mom!).


WHAT: Nothing at this time


WHAT: The SunnyD Ben Roethlisberger Football Camp
WHEN: 2017
WHERE: Bethel Park High School, 309 Church Rd., Bethel Park, PA.
REGISTRATION: Sign up here (Use code BigBen7 for $20 off fee).


WHAT: Keynote Speaker – Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend
WHEN: March 17-18, 2017
WHERE: Liberty University
TICKETS: IgniteMen.net (purchase by Oct 31, 2016)






9/12 @ Redskins Win: 38-16
9/18 Bengals Win: 24-16
9/25 @ Eagles Loss: 34-3
10/2 Chiefs Win: 43-14
10/9 Jets Win: 31-13
10/16 @ Dolphins Loss: 30-15
10/23 Patriots Loss: 27-16
10/30 BYE Week N/A
11/6 @ Ravens Loss: 21-14
11/13 Cowboys Loss: 35-30
11/20 @ Browns Win: 24-9
11/24 @ Colts Win: 28-7
12/4 Giants Win: 24-14
12/11 @ Bills 1PM – CBS/KDKA
12/18 @ Bengals 1PM – NBC
12/25 Ravens 4:30PM – NFLN
1/1 Browns 1PM – CBS/KDKA